Flat Nose Pliers - Exactly what they are....flat, perfect for crimping, opening and closing jump rings (Product Code 100073).

Round Nose Pliers - Great for making plain loops, wrapped loops, jump rings etc. (Product Code 100071) 

Chain Nose Pliers - A really good all rounder, flat on the inside, so you can crimp and open jump rings, round on the outside, to shape wire. Also tapered which is useful for crimping in a tight spot. (Product Code 100074)

Bent Nose Pliers - They are bent, which help getting to any spaces in which your other pliers cannot reach. (Product Code 100069)

Wire Cutters - Essential for cutting and trimming your wire. (Product Code 100068)

Split Ring Pliers - They have a special tip which you can slip into the split ring and open it up. (Product Code 100084)

Memory Wire Cutters - These are what you need to cut that memory wire, memory wire is hardened steel and using your own wire cutters may blunt them. (Product Code 100078)


Other Tools

Beading Needles - Use with Nymo/beading thread, they are fine needles with a flat eye, so they go through the holes very easily.

Collapsible Eye Needles - These are made out of wire and a large eye (for thicker threads), and as the needle goes through the bead the eye collapses flat. (Product Codes 100105/100106/100107)

Bead Board - Great for beginners, the channels in the board helps to hold your beads and design your style of necklace. (Product Code 100101/100100)

Bead Mat - Just the perfect tool, the short pile of the mat stops those pesky beads from rolling around, leaving more on your mat and less going up the vaccuum cleaner :) (Product Code 100102)

Bees Wax - Coats your thread to prevent it from tangling, any excess wax, just run the thread between your finger and thumb to remove. (Product Code 100092)

Bead Snips/Scissors - For snipping threads (Product Code 100081)

Bead Stoppers - Pinch them together and the spring opens up, in which you can pop onto your wire/thread to stop your beads from falling off.  Just pinch them again to get them off.

Bead Reamer - Use for opening out holes of beads removing jagged edges. (Product Code 100086)

Glues - In stock F-6000, great jewellery glue, a clear glue, use for securing knots, or securing end caps to your kumihimo, or ribbon ends etc. Comes with a nozzle. (Product Code 100093)

Kumihimo Discs - Kumihimo is Japanese braiding, using these discs you can create you own beautiful braids. (Product Codes 100976/100977/100978)

Jump Ring Opener - Fit this ring onto your finger to hold a jump ring in position then twist it open with your pliers. (Product Code 100103)