Threads & Wires

Beading Wire/Tiger Tail

This is composed of very fine wires, and is perfect for bead stringing, you cannot knot with this wire, so crimps must be used.

  • 7 Strand - The inexpensive of the group
  • 19 Strand - A great all-rounder (I always use 19 strand)
  • 49 Strand - The strongest one, this gives you most flexibility without any kinks and a better drape for your necklaces too.


Fishing line - this is a clear, strong thread.  I believe it has a 'mind of its own' especially when it comes to illusion necklaces which is what its perfect for. I stock a 0.3mm and 0.4mm diameter thickness of thread.


Perfect for making bracelets if not nothing else.  Great for kids too to get them started with jewellery making/crafting.  I stock clear and also coloured elastic.


This is easy to knot, it won't fray, great for simple necklaces with just a pendant hanging.  You can either knot it long enough so it goes over the head or attached a necklace end and clasp for a more finer finish.

Faux Suede

A flat strip of faux suede, easy to knot, perfect for modern, chunky necklaces.

Memory Wire

A hardened steel wire that keeps its form (hence the name memory wire), you can make simple easy to wear bracelets, necklaces and rings too.  This wire requires its own cutters, it is advised that you don't use your general use wire cutters/snips as the memory wire can blunt them.  Please use memory wire cutters.


Nymo is a waxed nylon thread. Nymo is an excellent choice for bead weaving (on or off loom) or any other beadwork that requires a fine thread.

Waxed Cotton Cord

A round cord, yes it has a waxed finish, good for knotting too, also single, double + wrapped bracelets. Comes in 1-2mm thickness.

Satin Cord

I currently just stock a 2mm Satin Cord (or rattail as its known), perfect for Kumihimo.

Silk Cord

A gorgeous cord that comes in 2 meters and has a needle attached for your convenience.  For those knotted necklaces, pearl necklaces.


One of my favourite cords, you can make/repair those knotted necklaces, use it for macrame, kumihimo, beaded kumihimo, bead strung necklaces and bracelets....I LOVE IT! Lol


Can be silver plated non-tarnish, coloured wire, brass and copper, sterling silver.  Wires come in different thickness and are used for many different projects (see below)

Gauge mm Usage
28 0.3mm

An extremely fine wire, which can be used for those beads with the smallest of holes, and fine wire work. Like 0.4mm, over use can cause the wire to break.

26 0.4mm

Use this wire for wrapping tiaras and haircombs, also twisting.  Be careful, over twisting can cause the wire to break.

24 0.5mm Again can be used for wrapping and twisting, as its a little thicker, it can be used for making head and eye pins especially for beads with tiny holes, like pearls.
22 0.6mm Making head & eye pins, loops, wrapped loops, wire wrapping stones.
20 0.8mm Making jump rings, head & eye pins, loops, wrapped loops, wire wrapping stones.
18 1mm Use for making your own clasps, jump rings


1.25mm Use for making your own clasps, larger jump rings, good for chain mail rings too


1.5mm A thick wire ideal for more projects that need to be more rigid, like bangles and tiara forms.
12 2mm The thickest of wire, like the 14g/1.5mm, use for bangles, tiara forms etc